Nerd Corner #81

Privacy, Apple's Internet, Super Bowl, landfills...

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Privacy 👀

I've talked about online privacy in past editions of Nerd Corner.

I find it an important and exciting topic, and after speaking with friends who didn't know where to start, I compiled a guide to make it easy for them to start protecting their online data.

Here it is: How To Protect Your Privacy Online: 3 Easy Steps.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Apple 🍎

I've been an Apple user and fan for most of my life (thanks to my super-nerd uncle Nel) and have been a mac only user for over a decade.

Their products—however expensive sometimes—always feel superior and reliable, mostly thanks to Apple's obsession with vertical integration and owning or controlling every bit of the supply chain, from design to shipping it your door.

But the company is not without issues.

For example, this article explores the threat that the company poses to the open future of the Internet:

Apple is inhibiting this future Internet. And it does so via tolls, controls, and technologies that not only deny what made and still makes the open web so powerful, but also prevents competition, and prioritize Apple’s own profits.

There is no proprietary, closed system that affects more lives on a daily basis than that of iOS. Due to this fact, Apple has become a de facto regulator for the internet.

This one from Bloomberg describes how Tim Cook has been able to transform Apple into one of the most valuable companies in the world while masterfully navigating a complex geopolitical landscape (China, USA):

"Tim understands the world to a degree that very, very few CEOs I’ve met over the past 60 years could match." - Warren Buffett

Skills common at Foxconn were harder to find in the U.S., where new hires might have worked previously at a Costco rather than at a different electronics factory.

Lastly, if you're a computer hardware nerd, this one is for you. Apple is always secretive about their designs, but recently a programmer managed to uncover a coprocessor inside Apple's new M1 chip through some creatively crafted scripts. How awesome is that? The M1 not only ships with dedicated neural engines but also includes this new coprocessor to speed up all of your machine learning tasks. It may be time to upgrade my 6-year-old laptop.

Twitter Threads 🧵

  • In my article about recycling, I explored the idea that landfills may not be a bad option for handling our garbage and protecting the environment. In this thread, some experts argue that they can help fight climate change since they can sequester carbon as efficiently as trees if handled and built correctly.

  • As an immigrant in the US, I always find Super Bowls surprising. For example, I didn't know that artists don't get paid for performing in the Half-Time show and some, like Weeknd, did in this year's event, actually put some of their own money into the show. Why? Because it is an excellent investment 💰.

  • No matter what you do, Jack Butcher is a great follow on Twitter. He's great at making simple visuals to explain and distill complex ideas. This thread on "10 Concepts From Build Once Sell Twice" is a fantastic read.

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