Nerd Corner #77

Feedback, Tweets, Habits

Hi Friends!

As mentioned in last week's edition, I'm going to experiment with this space over the coming weeks.

The rationale for this is that while I've had a lot of fun writing these emails, it hasn't always been easy to find the best content to share with you. My ultimate goal is to create a space where I can provide as much value to you as possible.

So now I want to ask you for feedback. It'll only take you a couple of minutes to answer this survey! And it will help me to understand what you've enjoyed and what you have not. Thank you!

Your thoughts about Nerd Corner

Twitter Threads 🧵

If you're not on Twitter, consider signing up. Of all the big social media sites, Twitter is perhaps the most customizable and provides the most value if you can sift through the noise.

I was off Twitter for a long time but last year started using it again, and most of what I learned throughout the year, I discovered through Twitter.

My strategy to avoid the trap of endless scrolling is to only access Twitter on my desktop, not on my phone, and use TweetDeck instead of the normal Twitter feed. TweetDeck makes for a customized experience so you can create lists with your favorite accounts:

Here are my favorite tweets of the week:

Building Habits 🚀

Last Sunday, we hosted the first session of TinyRockets Habits Bootcamp, and I can only say that I was completely blown away. We had a total of 70 boot campers and had a blast for almost two hours. We talked about the importance of starting small but steady and how the psychology of habits works. After participants complete their first mission this week, we'll be diving deep into how our identities and environments shape the habits we form. We've already opened registration for our second cohort starting in February! Here's a 50% discount link if you want to check it out (feel free to share it with your friends!)


Have an awesome week!