Nerd Corner #75

My first online course! Christmas trees, Conspiracy, 2021...

Hi Friends!

Even though it's just another year that's coming to an end, 2020 feels like the end of a decade. This year has been so crazy that I hope 2021 will be normal once again. I look forward to traveling and having lots of friends over for dinner.

I want to end the year with some huge news for me. After months of experimenting, planning, and building with my cofounder Orlando, we're happy to launch Tiny Rockets' first online course. Head over to the Nerd Corner section to grab your exclusive 50% discount!

Cool Finds 🤯

  • Tech Twitter has been raging for a while about how Miami and Austin are becoming the new destination for tech workers. While Austin has been a big recipient of tech workers for some years now, this article uses LinkedIn data to show who the big winners of the Bay Area brain drain really are.

  • Christmas is pretty much over, but do you know where Christmas trees come from? In the US, most of them are planted in three states and shipped all over the country.

  • I recently re-read one of my favorite articles by Nassim Taleb, where he explains how stressors, in low doses, are good for us.

Nerd Corner 🤓 - Tiny Rockets Bootcamp

I've been experimenting with habits and challenges to become healthier and more productive for over a decade. It all started in college after feeling overwhelmed and behind with exams, projects, and other activities.

Since then, I've been applying the teachings of Cal Newport's books (So Good They Can't Ignore You, Deep Work) and The Power Of Habit by Charles Duhigg to good measure.

This year alone, I developed a writing habit (with the help of my writing partners John Lanza and Bardia Shahali, with whom I've been writing every morning since March). Also, I developed a running habit despite hating it in the beginning.

Throughout, I've been working nights and weekends with Orlando on Tiny Rockets.

We both believe that most people would benefit from learning the core principles and ideas behind developing and maintaining healthy habits.

So we are launching our first-ever online course. The course will last 4 weeks starting on the 10th of January. We'll have live zoom presentations, guests, and weekly deliverables. The course will be in Spanish since most of our users are native speakers. Click here to know more 🚀!

What I am Reading 📚 - Conspiracy

I'm currently reading Ryan Holiday's Conspiracy, and much to my surprise, this is one of my favorites. The book is about Peter Thiel's successful conspiracy to take down Gawker, the news and gossip outlet that outed him in 2007.

In this book, Ryan's style is different from his other philosophy books. Ryan dives deep into the story like a real investigative journalist while maintaining his ability to teach us about history, philosophy, and power.

Before you go 🙌

I just wanted to say thank you! Nerd Corner exists because you inspire me every week to write and hit send!

I have big plans for 2021, so keep an eye on these emails in the new year.

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See you in 2021,