Nerd Corner #44

laws of marketing, food tech, and more! 🚀

Hi All!

What I am reading 📚

After finally finishing Seeking Wisdom (it took me about 3 weeks to fully digest it as I kept going into Wikipedia rabbit holes prompted by the book) I decided to read something completely different.

First I eased through “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing”. I wanted to read this because when it comes to Marketing I’m always lost and even though it was published in 1993, the book is still the authority on all things Marketing. I’ll do a short review next week!

I’m now reading “Deep Simplicity” by John Gribbin. This is the first book from the “Math” section of my 2020 reading list.

Then I plan to shake things up a bit and read some fiction. I don’t have a book selected yet but a few friends have made great suggestions. I’m curious to read your suggestions as well! 

Nerd Corner 🤓

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from, how it is raised or grown, processed, packed, and shipped to your or your local grocery store? I know I have, and every time I have questions around food and how it gets to my table I end up with more questions than I started with.

Given that the pandemic has upended a lot of what we take for granted and has disrupted most of the world’s supply chains, I’ve been wondering how the future of food will look like. 

This topic is nothing new, we’ve been hearing about GMOs, lab-grown meat, “impossible” burgers, for a while.

But will the future be as we were imagining it before the pandemic? Are things going to keep globalizing at an unprecedented pace so you can enjoy bananas in winter and mangoes all year long? Or are we going more local, and even growing some of our foods ourselves? 

I don’t have many answers so that’s why I want to use this space to explore this topic over the next several weeks and see where it leads us! 

If you know about the topic or know about resources that I should check out, please send them my way. Just hit reply to this email!

Cool Finds 🤯

  • Since re-joining Twitter late last year, one of my favorite things has been to discover interesting accounts and scroll deep into their timelines to see what I can uncover. A recent discovery was @TheWeirdHistory, an account that has an interesting take on History.

    For example, this video shows how Soviet Paratroopers were trained circa 1937: they didn’t fly inside the airplane but on its wings, literally and they had to slide off of them into the skies 😱

  • SpaceX has an online simulator that lets you familiarize and play with the controls that an astronaut needs to use to dock a spaceship to the International Space Station. How cool is that?!  🚀

  • One funny thing about this pandemic is that it turned most of us into home bakers. I’ve seen endless posts on social media of friends baking their own bread, cakes, cookies, and even pasta. This recent article from The Hustle dives deep into this new trend and describes how some bakeries went into survival mode and transformed themselves into online stores that sell bread starter kits, cookie dough, and more! 🤤

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