Alberto's weekly email: Apps of the year, cool visualization and more! 🚀

Hello from Italy!

This week's email is shorter than usual. I've been busy eating all the carbs I avoided throughout the year 🍝🍕🍧.

What I am reading 📚

I am still reading The Control Of Nature. The second essay is about the efforts to cool the lava and prevent it from destroying the harbor of Heimaey (one of Iceland’s islands) after the Eldefll volcano erupted in 1973.

This Wired article provides an overview of the event. Also, check out the YouTube video in the article, it shows real footage of the eruption.

More Books!

I just published my notes on Idea Makers by Stephen Wolfram. It was one of the books that I enjoyed the most this year!

Nerd Corner 🤓

As part of my annual review, I went through all the apps that I’ve used this year. Some have become an essential part of my workflow. I wrote a small post about them!

Also interesting 🤯

  • Bloomberg has a sobering article on texting and driving. While in most US states it is forbidden to text and drive, people still do it and many are still dying on the roads. The visualizations are mind-blowing!

  • Ahead of the 2020 elections, it is worth revisiting these red vs blue maps. As with most things, the US political landscape is more complex and dynamic than we might initially think.

  • More mind-blowing visualizations! This NYT article presents very scary facts that can be known by simply tracking your phone’s location. If you are concerned about privacy, you might want to leave your phone at home from time to time or turn your phone's location services off.

Before you go 🎄🎅🏻☃️

This is the last email of 2019. Thanks for reading!

The last 6 months have been very rewarding for me. I look forward to reading and writing more in 2020!

Merry Christmas!

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