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Hi All!

What I am reading 📚

The Lessons of History by Will and Ariel Durant, the last book in the series “The Story of Civilization”, an 11-volume set of books that covers all of Western history. The book is very short and can be read independently of the first 10 books. It took me a while to read it as it contained a lot of historical events that I had forgotten about or never heard of that I had to look up 🧐.

I highly recommend the book if you want to get a brief and still very timely overview of historical events and their relation to most aspects of human life, from Philosophy, to War, to Biology. It feels as if history really is cyclical at a high level but never repeats itself when we look more carefully. No two events are the same.

Nerd Corner 🤓

Ever since I read Zero To One I’ve been fascinated by Peter Thiel and his political and philosophical views. For those who don’t know about Thiel, he is one of the co-founders of PayPal and a very successful investor.

He always struck me as a very mysterious and weird character until I read this very long article in which Perell tries to describe and make sense of Thiel’s views. While the article might not be 100% accurate (the writer did not directly contact Thiel) it provides a very coherent and credible story. It turns out that Thiel, while a Christian himself, has a very heterodox view of Religion.

I’m sure I’ll be reading more about him for a while. Stay tuned.

Also interesting 🤯

  • This video about the best pizza 🍕 in the world. While in Italy it is hard to find a place with bad pizza, this restaurant seems to be on a whole new level 🤤.

  • Last week I wrote about the carnivore diet and how eating more and better beef has helped me. While this diet might not be for everyone, I was surprised to see this article on the NYT about Vegans who became Butchers 🔪🥩.

  • Financial Samurai (my favorite finance blog) has a new piece on the best cities in the world to make money (spoiler alert: 🌉).

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