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What I am reading 📚

Better than reading new books is to re-read books that you’ve enjoyed. Good books can teach you new things every time. For me this was the case last week when I grabbed Walter Isaacson’s biography of Leonardo da Vinci. I took the book to transcribe notes and highlights as I usually do, but spent a good few hours skimming through it, remembering what I had read and learning some more about this fantastic character.

What I liked about this biography is not only that you learn about Leonardo, probably the most inspiring character in the arts and sciences of all time, but that Isaacson doesn’t shy away from giving his opinion and point of view in those cases where history seems vague and contradictory. The book is so well written that I am now looking forward to read his other biographies (especially Einstein’s and Benjami Franklin’s biographies).

Nerd Corner (Diet) 🤓 🥩

If you know me you know that I really enjoy steak and animal proteins in general. In fact, I started eating a “slow carb diet” around 5 years ago, losing around 12 kg of body weight in the process.

To this day I’ve managed more or less successfully to stay away from highly sugared food and have been experimenting with things such as intermittent fasting and more recently a more “carnivore” diet. While I know it sounds counter-intuitive (I grew up with the notion that red meat is bad for you), there’s a growing body of evidence backing some of these claims.

If you feel curious about all this, here are some articles that I’ve found enlightening:

  • It’s the insulin resistance, stupid. This long article traces back the history of Atkins diet and along the way explains many of the studies that are linked to this diet.

  • Carnivore diet | 16 reasons it works. This post highlight some of the benefits of eating lots of 🥩 🍖 as part of your diet.

  • If case you prefer videos, here is Dr. Petter Attia discussing “Very Low Carb Performance”.

To finish, I am not claiming that one diet is better than the other, or that you should eat a carnivore diet (I am not a doctor). But, I do feel that we should feel encouraged to try new things, experiment and see how different foods make us feel and stick to what works for you!

Also interesting 🤯

  • While many in Silicon Valley are sure that we’ll see AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) in the next few decades, it was refreshing to read this blogpost by Rodney Brooks (MIT Robotics professor). He makes some predictions that seem more reasonable to me.

  • After reading the above post, I spent some time browsing through Brooks’ blog. A highlight was this post on “Unexpected Consequences of Self Driving Cars”.

  • Going back to the carnivore diet, here is another one from Carnivore Aurelius explaining the many benefits of beef liver.

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